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Chemistry teachers and multimedia courseware

Abstract: Reform in the deepening of Chemistry has been inseparable from the multimedia courseware, how to make use of multimedia courseware for the opportunity to produce multimedia courseware, software, multimedia courseware production of chemicals which, how to download chemistry courseware, reading this will understand.

Key words: time for the principle of making software download

With the rapid development of information technology, computer education and teaching on a variety application. Now many schools have built a campus network, and connect with the internet, constitutes a comprehensive, multi-channel, interactive teaching system. Multimedia has become the field of computer applications in education, the new trend. Multimedia technology refers to the computer as the core, the integrated treatment of text, graphics, images, sound, animation and video and other multimedia information, and that these information Jianli Qi logical connections, to express a richer, more complex Sixiang or method, such teaching information can act on the students in a short time all the senses, so that students produce a profound feeling of unprecedented use of the CAI multimedia courseware is an ideal modern teaching methods. I was a teaching for more than ten years of chemistry teachers, two years active research and studying multimedia technology and its applications, some experience and lessons learned, here are the views of my shallow for colleagues 鍙傝?.

First, the use of multimedia courseware for chemistry teaching time

1, microscopic particle motion. Chemistry is the study of molecular, atomic and extranuclear electron and other particles sports science, and movement of microscopic particles is the meat eyes do not see the hand touched, usually we only have the help of charts and models, through our teachers explain and make students understand. The process of particle movement and change can not fully display, for example, junior chemical decomposition of water, hydrogen reduction of copper oxide and other real experiments have shown that perception can not once and for all junior high school students to master, but with a separate multimedia courseware simulation particles and integration process, it enables students to quickly understanding and acceptance. High school chemistry, crystal structure, organic molecular structure, isomers, cis and trans isomers, chiral carbon hybrid orbital, 蟺-bond, electrolytic cell theory, the original battery principle, elimination reactions, addition reactions, esterification , polymerization, colloid dialysis and electrophoresis, etc., can be used to simulate multi-media courseware. I was struck by the knowledge that the crystal structure, usually the contents of two or three lessons, and now spend multimedia courseware, only one class will be able to fully explain, and works well. Such as sodium chloride crystal lattice in a number of sodium ions, the number of chloride ions, sodium ions surrounded by a distance equal to the sodium ion and the recent number of issues, almost no waste of breath, students will be able to find out.

2, toxic, harmful and can not be completed in a short time experiment. Such as gel electrophoresis, the nature and Production of hydrogen sulfide, CO, SO2, Cl2 and other toxicity.

3, error in laboratory consequences. Such as hydrogen reduction of copper oxide through hydrogen when heated first, add water to dilute concentrated sulfuric acid, sulfuric acid, taken with a Kipp generator system, such as acetylene.

4, the chemical production process of macro-presentation. Contact with the legal system as sulfuric acid, ammonia oxidation and nitric.

Second, for production of chemicals commonly used software, multimedia courseware and function Introduction

Production of multimedia courseware for the chemical commonly used software are: Authorware, Director, Founder Author, Flash, 3Dmax so. I rather like is Authorware, Flash, 3Dmax three kinds of software. Authorware is a powerful mix of media tools, able to text, images, sound, animation, video and other organically combined, and has a wealth of interactive features, all material prepared for later in combination. Flash is one simple and easy-to-plane animation tool for particle motion in the plane to do some demo. 3Dmax is a large-scale software, 3D modeling and animation capabilities are incomparable and are generally used for doing the spatial structure of organic compounds, isomers, crystal structure and other space demanding courseware.

Third, the principle of Multimedia Courseware

Multimedia Chemistry teaching process consists of four elements: teachers, students, teaching materials and multimedia. Four elements of interrelated constraints, forming an organic whole, to achieve satisfactory teaching results, we must correctly handle the relationship between the four elements. According to Piaget's constructivist learning theory: teachers are the organizers of the process of teaching, guidance and knowledge, meaning construction of the helper, facilitator, rather than take the initiative to educate those who teach knowledge; students are active constructors of knowledge meaning rather than passive recipients of external stimuli, the object of inculcating knowledge; materials provided in the active construction of knowledge is the object of the students, not teachers, the content to students; media is the creation of learning situations, students active learning, collaboration, to explore and complete knowledge of the cognitive tools to construct meaning, rather than teachers to provide pupils with the means and methods used.

Thus, CAI multimedia chemistry teaching can not replace the teachers to teach the simple, still have to give full play to the leading teachers and students in the main role, while highlighting the capabilities of multimedia teaching aids. Only deal with the relationship between these four elements in order to correct positioning of Multimedia Courseware in high school chemistry teaching position and role, it is apparent multimedia courseware should follow the following principles:

1, multimedia courseware to highlight teaching points, breaking the difficulty of teaching tools for those who can use common media such as models, charts, etc. need not be used to achieve the display of multimedia courseware. Should handle the use of multimedia courseware for teaching and teaching of traditional media relations, chalk and blackboard is still our teacher's main teaching tool, we should be the crowning touch of multimedia courseware for teaching.

2, can demonstrate the general chemistry class experiment with video or animation can not be replaced. Experimental media is replaced by any other media can not, it can observe the ability of students, ability, analytical skills and teamwork spirit, experiment is the most direct and vivid media, chemistry teachers are not bartering can do experiments and to give up Chuishou to use computer simulation.

3, multimedia courseware should be small "positive conditions" as the main form. Multimedia courseware well, it should be for everyone to use, not for teaching ideas and classroom differences in the structure of conflict. That is a difficult one corresponding courseware, teaching ideas have changed, changed class structure, courseware can still be used, only such courseware will have a strong vitality, will be extended. Many currently on the market in large scale courseware can not be the reason for this.

4, courseware should have good interaction. Some teachers make courseware, it will be a whole class teaching content, teaching procedures, and all woven into the blackboard, etc., in class the teacher simply press the mouse all the way "next" go, although many provincial King, but too little interaction, is still "indoctrination type "effect is not good teaching. Particular type of exercise self-learning courseware, should have good interaction and feedback functions.

Fourth, study the method of multimedia courseware

Secondary school teachers in addition to computer science teachers, generally not familiar with the programming language, so the real programming language courseware directly very little of several software described above does not require its entry-based programming, such as Authorware, which is a kind of icon-oriented programming tools, it is easy to grasp, and to buy an appropriate book, the book's examples were, generally a week or so you can grasp, if expert guidance, can learn a about three days. Of course, handy to be able to comfortably ease to use, but also a lot of practice. Learning generally so other software, including Flash learning time to be shorter, 3Dmax be longer.

5, the source of multimedia courseware

Multimedia is simply the source of two aspects: First, to produce their own, second is downloaded. Through their own ideas and creativity to produce courseware that wisdom is the fruit of their labors, we should be able to produce a good multimedia courseware for the proud. However, completion of possible time constraints, energy limited, the limitation of foreign language proficiency or even entirely by its own end is a small number of courseware produced a large number of courseware also need to go online to download or secondary development. Internet realize sharing of resources, we chemistry teachers should be able to make full use of network resources for their teaching services, teaching and difficult to resolve even with a number of courseware can be found, we need more to absorb, use, improvement and development. Of course, do not forget to hang your own editing software and the Internet for reference and download colleagues, "I am for all, all for one" is common to follow our guidelines.

6, common courseware download site:

1, 2, high school chemistry teaching resources, people to teach web - High School Chemistry 3, CAI teaching - network exchange 4, 5 books forest walk, lotus and other CAI.


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